Six Words to Remember to Help Boost Your Spirits

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To experience a more fulfilled life, every facet of our mind, body, and soul needs care. As we work to become better versions of ourselves, we tend to focus on the body and mind. We eat the right foods to nourish our bodies. We exercise our brains to stay mentally active. And we continue to search for new ways to have optimal health. In fact, we recently published articles about ways to boost your mental fitness and  how seniors can eat,sleep, and play their way to better physical health,  which we encourage you to read!

While a healthy body keeps us well and active, and a healthy mind keeps us focused and engaged, a healthy soul keeps us fulfilled and content. Caring for our soul is essential to life, which is why we pulled together a list of six words to keep in mind the next time your spirit could use a little boost.

  1. Laugh
    There's a reason laughter is considered the best medicine. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring us back into balance than a good laugh. Humor can lighten a burden, inspire hope, foster empathy and compassion with others, and keep us grounded. That's powerful stuff!

  2. Rest
    Being rested can help our energy levels soar. And, when our energy is up, life's little challenges can feel less challenging. So, set a good sleep schedule, take a nap, or rest your mind with quiet meditation. The simple act of slowing the pace of our thoughts can feel just as restorative as a full night's sleep.

  3. Play
    Having fun releases endorphins, which naturally make us happier and more relaxed. Being playful also stimulates the imagination, helping us adapt to situations. If it's been awhile since you've felt playful, try being open to new experiences and engage in an activity just for the fun of it. Nurture your spirit with nature, music, art, or whatever sounds exciting to you. Engaging in a "Yes Day" with the grandkids or a friend could also be the ticket to your best, most playful day ever.

  4.  Read
    Reading helps inspire us, especially when we choose uplifting stories or interesting essays that unearth insights and ideas that can enrich our life. Have fun exploring new titles, swapping books with friends, or even creating a book club for an added touch of connection.

  5.  Affirm
    Affirmations can be the beginning point to positive life changes. By repeating positive statements and continually looking for the good in yourself and others, you'll end up boosting your confidence and creating a more joyful outlook on life. To get started, simply notice what's special in and around you. Chances are, you'll inspire others to do the same!

  6.  Dream
    Life has a way of getting better as we age. Thinking about the future, having dreams, and establishing goals can keep us excited and prepared for what's next. It may help to keep a journal. Use it to record your dreams and track the progress of this important soul work.

By keeping this list in mind and taking action on any one of these words, you'll be taking good care of your soul. You'll also be putting yourself on a path to a more meaningful and fulfilled life, which is our ultimate wish for you.

To further guide your journey, our team at Resort Lifestyle Communities has created a set of free downloads with uplifting, soul-caring quotes. Print them, share them, and hang them around your house to help boost your mood any time of day!

8 Uplifting Quotes Printable


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