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Eight Things Seniors Can Do to Boost Their Immune System

Typically, spring offers us a sense of renewal as we begin to feel the warm sunshine and see trees and flowers blooming around us. Add to that, more fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available, which makes it a great time to refocus our efforts on health and wellness.If the positive energy ...

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seniors doing pottery

How Creativity Impacts Seniors and Why It’s So Important

Thanks to modern medicine, advanced research, and healthy lifestyle trends (fruit smoothie, anyone?), we're able to live much longer as a society. According to the latest U.S. Census, the global population is aging in unprecedented numbers. Extending our golden years can be such a blessing, and w...

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Balance class in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Balance class helps Ashwood Square residents prevent falls

The World Health Organization says falls are a major public health problem. Adults, older than 65 years of age, suffer the greatest number of fatal falls.But there are ways seniors can lessen their chances of falling, like balance class.  "Balance is what we focus on here. We're gainin...

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The Important Connection Between Seniors and Gratitude

The Important Connection Between Seniors and Gratitude: Plus, a Free Printable

Did you know the practice of gratitude can help you feel better? It's science. Studies over and over confirm grateful people have increased well-being, better health, increased optimism, and a more positive outlook on life. Further adding to the good news, neuroscientists believe "older peop...

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Finding balance can be incredibly beneficial! We recently interviewed a specialist at @BAYADAhomehealthcareearn about physical balance and how it impacts our daily lives (especially for seniors). We also picked up a few helpful exercises. It's all outlined on the blog for you to learn and try!

The Importance of Balance for Seniors

Balance in life is good! And we're not just talking about a bite of salad to balance out the pumpkin pie at dessert. Physical balance is an important component of a healthy life – especially for seniors. Having good balance impacts many activities we do every day. It's beneficial for fall p...

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10 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among seniors across Resort Lifestyle Communities and the United States.  This growing trend of practicing is a cause for joy as yoga has many health benefits for seniors. Yoga plays a contributing factor to...

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