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A letter from Matt Maude, Chief Financial Officer

Resort Lifestyle Communities and its sister company, Cameron General Contractors, comprise a vertically integrated organization dedicated to the development, design, construction, management, and long-term ownership of senior independent living communities throughout the United States. We believe that the efficiencies applied to each of our projects affords us a significant competitive advantage and a more affordable luxury retirement experience for our residents. 

Most importantly, we believe that the quality and attention to detail both during construction and after opening that each community 

receives truly sets us apart from other senior housing communities, and raises the bar for the entire industry.

Whether you are a lender or an investor, we consider you our partner in achieving our business goals. We provide total transparency to our investors and lending partners. Please log in to the Investor Portal to measure community occupancy rates and view other important financial information, 

updated in real time. Or click the link below to contact us for further information.

Go To Investor Portal Contact The Home Office

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