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Resort Lifestyle Communities serves seniors all across the US with worry-free retirement living. Our all-inclusive resort-style amenities, such as live-in managers, daily meals, housekeeping, and an exciting social calendar, give seniors the freedom to live life to the fullest.


Every day, countless seniors and their families interact with RLC through our websites and social media channels. We love sharing content that seniors and their families find helpful, encouraging, and fun, and we’re betting writers like you have a wealth of experience to share with our online audience.


RLC accepts pitches for article content to be published on our high-traffic blog. Would you like to write for us?


Who We’re Looking For

  • Well-written freelancers able to write coherent content that offers our readers value and insight.
  • Subject-matter experts with the ability to tailor their writing to a senior audience and the topics that interest them most (see What You’ll Write About below).
  • Writers who can provide near-ready posts requiring minimal adjustment before publishing.
  • Please note that we do not accept content originating from organizations or individuals employed by organizations in competition with Resort Lifestyle Communities. This does not include organizations within the health, medical, or assisted living industries.

What You’ll Write About

  • Creative skills or hobbies that seniors want to learn (e.g., baking, quilting, crafting, music, art, etc.).
  • Senior-specific education about health, nutrition, and wellness (mental, physical, spiritual).
  • Tips, tricks, and how-to’s for everyday life (e.g., how to train a dog to stop jumping; five ways to entertain your grandkids; etc.).
  • Topics that resonate with seniors, like finance, grandkids, food, friendship, nutrition, travel, technology, senior living, etc.

Guest Content Requirements

  • Submission must be original writing that hasn’t been published anywhere else.
  • An article may contain a maximum of two relevant affiliate links with citations, as needed.
  • Articles including misinformation will not be accepted.
  • Writing must be reviewed by our in-house editor.
  • Content must support our core values: Respect, Kindness & Compassion, Honesty, and Service Excellence.

Content Tips

  • Recommended word count for blog entries is 1000-2000 words.
  • Finance, health, nutrition, wellness, technology, and travel posts typically do best if they are about 600-800 words long.
  • Posts related to creative skills (baking, knitting, quilting, etc.) can be shorter if they use images to help tell their story.

Writer Benefits

  • Build your portfolio while sharing your writing with countless readers.
  • Ability to re-publish your article four weeks after going live on RLC’s blog.
  • Optional bio box with link to your website/social channel (50 words or less).

The Fine Print

  • We are unable to provide compensation for submissions at this time.
  • RLC reserves the right to include its own links or ads in any submitted articles.
  • We reserve the right to reject any article that we feel isn’t a good fit for the site.
  • Submission of writing does not guarantee publication.

By submitting a guest post to RLC, you agree that you have read this agreement and agree to be bound by it.


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