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3 Steps for Prepping Your Home Before You Move into Retirement

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No matter what age you are, moving isn't always easy, and moving when you're a senior can have its own special challenges. There are many things to prepare before the big day, and it can be an emotional and sometimes stressful process to pack up your home, make repairs, and get everything clean.

One way to make moving a more seamless process is to simply get organized. This is easier said than done, though, and consists of a few steps. However, getting organized and making your move to a retirement community manageable is definitely possible.

In this article, we will discuss three steps seniors can take to prepare their homes before moving to a retirement community.

Review, Repair & Renovate

Over time, houses can experience damage. Before putting a home on the market, it's imperative to have it inspected for any signs of damage or need for repairs, such as foundation issues, roof condition, plumbing, and HVAC. 

The inspection and repair process can take a while, especially if the damage is extensive. It's always better to get repairs done early on to avoid any hiccups later when the home gets put on the market since a buyer's inspector will also note any issues, which can affect the price of the house.

Another consideration may be if the home has been renovated or built to accommodate senior living. You may have installed non-conventional amenities like a stair-chair lift or walk-intub. Buyers may see these items as a barrier to cost or effort, so consider reversing modifications when you can.

It's recommended that you connect with a trustworthy contractor who has your best interests in mind and has the experience needed to do the job. To help with bigger repairs or renovations, consider enlisting the help of a local contractor that specializes in the work you need. If you're not sure where to start, a resource like Basement Guides can search nationwide and help match you to someone in your area.

Downsize & Pack

Once repairs and renovations have been completed, the next step to prepare for a move is to downsize. Downsizing can be difficult for seniors, especially if you've have lived in your home for a long time. Although downsizing might seem like an emotionally tasking process, it's actually very beneficial. It gives you a chance to start fresh with mental clarity in a clean space, and you can share special possessions with family members who will treasure them.

The best way to downsize is to narrow down essential items and eliminate any clutter that isn't needed. While packing, consider whether or not there will be enough room in your new space for certain items, and plan accordingly. As you downsize and pack, label your boxes so you don't get your items mixed up, and keep in mind how you want to set up your new place. 

Clean & Celebrate

Lastly, clean your home thoroughly. You can make a checklist, so you don't miss anything. Extra help might be handy since it can get tiring to clean a home from top to bottom. You can opt for a professional cleaning service to give you a hand and ensure that the house will be spotless, ready to sell, and ready for the next homeowner.

You should consider removing all nails from the walls, cleaning the windows and mirrors, and cleaning the doors. Frequently, these things collect a lot of grime and are overlooked. If you hire a professional cleaning service, be sure to note your requests so you won't have to worry about missing any items.

Celebrate Life

Empty rooms don't have to be sad! On your way out, you can look at your home and celebrate the memories, while also knowing that you'll be making special memories in your new home. When you get there, don't forget to celebrate your big move, too. It's a great way to appreciate the big process you've been through!

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