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5 Senior-Friendly Exercises To Add To Your Daily Routine

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Fitness is quite crucial to keeping your vital functions intact and to promote a healthy immune response. For all the senior citizens out there, a few minutes of exercise can do wonders. It helps in strengthening immunity and kick-starts metabolism. Also, you are less likely to experience lifestyle disorders with a regular exercise routine. When it comes to seniors, specific low-intensity exercises fetch the best results. You can try resistance band workouts, Pilates, and yoga to stay fit and healthy.

 Here are the top senior-friendly exercises to try for a healthy mind and body.

1.  Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is one of the best exercises for seniors that enhances the connection between your body and mind. Chair yoga is a low-intensity exercise option that improves your flexibility and encourages better movement. Also, it doesn't contribute to muscle soreness and controls the impact on your joints. It can promote your sleep cycle, enhance blood flow, reduce mental issues, and might even help to control muscular pains.  Initially, activities like overhead stretching can prepare your body for the exercise session.

Then you can move on to other, more challenging stretching exercises. Practicing yoga sessions at least once daily yields the maximum health benefits.

2.  Body Weight Workouts

Prolonged sitting can lead to decreased muscle function and deteriorate muscular abilities. Hence, it's crucial to move your body and do some bodyweight workouts now and then. You can practice the workouts without any specific instruments or equipment. All you have to do is use your body weight to strengthen your musculature and develop muscle fibers. Some workouts that enhance your agility are squats, step-ups, and bird dogs. Also, you can try the squats in many different forms using a folding electric wheelchair for better results.

Bodyweight exercises can increase your mobility, enhance stamina, and work on body posture. Along with this, the need for minimal equipment makes this workout suitable for beginner seniors. It's about time that you stop giving excuses and start your workouts.

3.  Resistance Band Exercises

Senior couple exercise together at home health care

If you enjoy medium-intensity workouts to keep your body moving, you can add a resistance band to carefully increase the challenge. The resistance band creates additional pressure and enhances the intensity of the workout. Also, the exercises are pretty easy to perform and increase your stamina levels. Adding resistance bands helps in improving your posture, reduces muscle soreness, and enhances flexibility. You might want to perform the exercises like leg press, bicep curl, and the band pulls apart with your band. Not only will it control the cardiological issues, but it also boosts your metabolism.

These workouts are effective for both long-term workout enthusiasts and seniors who are new to the workout regime. All you need is a resistance band and a yoga mat to get started with the exercise. You can grab the essentials and start the workouts at the comfort of your home.

4.  Pilates

Another form of exercise that you can try to get your blood flowing Pilates. This type of exercise improves your posture, leads to better alignment, and can enhance your breathing. It also contributes to a high-intensity workout session without putting much strain on your body. You can try step-ups and leg circles to balance your posture.

5.  Walking

Asian senior retired couple jogging or exercise in the park. Healthy elderly people concept

If you're looking for something a little more casual, talk a walk. Walking can improve blood circulation and ease joint pains. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and might prevent the occurrence of lifestyle disorders. Such effects make walking a hassle-free and effective exercise for all the older adults out there.

The Bottom Line

Lifestyle revolves around the set of daily habits you follow for adequate nourishment and fitness. If you're willing to improve your fitness some senior-friendly exercises to try are Pilates and walking for a few minutes daily. Also, you can try the resistance band exercises to get the blood flowing to your vital organs. Make sure to practice different exercises for a wholesome and energizing experience.

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