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8 Autumn Activities That Are Sure to Spark Joy

Senior couple on a walk in a forest in an autumn nature, holding leaves.

Soft blankets, spiced drinks, and gently falling leaves. Who’s ready for all things fall? We sure are. At Resort Lifestyle Communities, we love celebrating life - and all of its seasons. So, we decided to gather a list of our favorite fall activities that are sure to spark the most joyful days ahead. Whether you prefer getting out in the cool crisp air or staying in cozy indoors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Go Leaf Peeping: This is one of the most beloved fall activities among seniors. Fall foliage offers the chance to get out and admire nature’s inspiring palettes of yellow, orange, and red. While “leaf peeping” doesn’t require a formal tour, there are many communities that offer guided walking tours led by horticulturists and arborists. Every state, and almost every county, has an extension office that is essentially an “extension” of a university. These offices provide educational programs and events - like garden tours and informational handouts on native trees and plants. To find your local extension office, just click here.

2. Paint Pumpkins: The arrival of fall means Halloween is just around the corner. If it feels too early to carve into a pumpkin, why not try your hand at painting pumpkins! Simly stock up small gourds and pumpkins to decorate your countertops or front porch, and add a few coats of decorative paint. One of the hottest trends this year is painting pumpkins in wild colors like pink, teal, and white. You can get extra fancy by adding glitter or ribbons. 

3. Create a Gratitude Wall: Did you know expressing gratitude is scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote better sleep in addition to many other health benefits? Fall is a great time of year to reflect on the many blessings in your life. So, here’s a fun idea. Place a sheet of paper on your refrigerator or the back of a door that you walk through frequently. Each time you pass by, write down something you’re grateful for at that moment. Then enjoy watching your list grow. When it comes time for Thanksgiving, you will have documented a host of reasons to feel extra grateful.

4. Bake Seasonal Breads: Baking is a wonderful activity because it engages all your senses. It can also spark nostalgia as we're often recreating positive experiences or happy memories as we’re in the kitchen. What a lovely idea to welcome this new season. And if you've mastered homemade banana bread, maybe switch it up with a seasonal favorite like spiced pumpkin bread filled with all the best fall flavors. 

5. Head to a Farmers Market: One of the best ways to relish in the fall is to indulge in fresh, local produce and products. At the farmers’ market, you’re sure to discover more than traditional organic fruits and vegetables. Markets today are full of vendors showcasing artisan products from custom loaves of bread and cheese to handmade products like soaps and candles. You may also find native honey, plants, and flowers. We suggest you grab a tote bag and check out what’s in season.

6. Go Picking: It simply isn’t fall without a trip to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Harvesting your own produce is such a great way to spend the day, and at the end of your adventure, you can turn your goods into tasty seasonal dishes. If you’re not up for cooking after your visit, most farms are stocked with prepared for purchase. Whether you're there for the memories or to gather some goodies, this should be a tradition worth keeping.

7. Take a Leisurely Hike: Autumn is one of the best times of the year to go hiking. The cool, comfortable weather makes it an even more enjoyable experience. With the many local senior-friendly routes to explore, you could find yourself on a new adventure a few times each week, taking in the benefits of exploring the great outdoors, discovering new plants and flowers, and nature watching. You don’t even have to go very far. A simple stroll around the block can do wonders for your spirit this time of year. 

8. Try Bird Watching: This is another healthy outdoor activity that people of all ages can enjoy. While bird watchers make it known that "birding" is an activity that can be enjoyed year-round, autumn brings a unique flair to the exercise. The changing leaves add a splash of color to familiar landscapes and provide a more invigorating climate. Your adventure can begin in your own backyard, or by visiting a local state park. It’s not necessary to buy expensive gear, but if you’re feeling a bit more inspired, you can invest in binoculars and birding books. Many communities have clubs or groups that gather throughout the year, so you could end up making new acquaintances on behalf of your feathered friends.

We hope this gives you plenty of ideas to fill your calendar with healthy, happy activities to look forward to. If you’d like to see what we’re up to at Resort Lifestyle Communities, you can always view our robust activity calendars. They’re listed on each of our community pages. Find a community near you, then schedule a time to visit. We’d love to treat you to a complimentary tour and seasonal activity with us!

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