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A Fresh Look at Aging in Place for Seniors

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Updated: January 2021

Dorothy and her sweet terrier, Toto, aren't the only ones who believe "there's no place like home." According to a report by the AARP Public Policy Institute and the National Conference of State Legislatures, roughly 90% of American seniors want to live in their home or community for as long as possible. They love being in their home sweet home where things and people are familiar and comfortable. As a result, more people are choosing to "age in place" rather than move into a nursing home or assisted living facility.  

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is when a person lives and ages in their residence of choice for as long as they can with the comforts that are important to them. This can be a great way to maintain independence and freedom.

And, it's becoming easier for seniors to live at home much longer because of services like home health care and advanced technology, such as medical alert systems.

With that said, new data from Home Instead, Inc. shows seniors are redefining what it means to age in place. Today, a growing number of older adults no longer see aging in place as having to stay in the same home where they've lived for decades. To them, aging in place means taking ownership of their aging experiences and choosing a living situation that will accommodate their needs for years to come. For some, that means moving.

One in four seniors is planning to move to a new home to accommodate changing needs that come with aging. What's further interesting is that of those who plan to move, 85 percent have taken the time to consider the age-friendly features they'll need in a new home, while only 64 percent of those wishing to remain in their current homes have given thought to their changing needs.

Older adults need to consider what they want life to look like as they age and make choices today that will allow them to have enjoyable experiences down the road. Until recent years, those choices were either staying in their existing residence or moving to a nursing facility. Now there's also the option of a resort-style retirement community that offers the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Aging in a Community

Retirement communities not only offer an exciting new choice for seniors but also come with a range of services to accommodate more people with a variety of needs. Living spaces are thoughtfully designed for seniors, and the amenities and supportive services allow people to live independently and safely for a long period of time.   

In fact, many seniors who insist on staying in their home suddenly feel like they have an option to live on their own in a private apartment surrounded by the treasures they love, while enjoying activities and services they would never have at home. The concept of aging in a community, where there are plenty of things to do and new friends to meet, can make life more fulfilling!   

The Difference of Resort Lifestyle Communities

As more seniors are researching communities, they're discovering RLC is an ideal destination for aging in place. For starters, the architecture and design of each community make it a desirable place to live. There's the centrally located corridor known as Main Street that gives residents the convenience of an in-house bank, pharmacy, gift shop, salon, and movie theatre – all right down the street. It's truly a community that supports the needs and lifestyles of seniors.   

Other benefits include the all-inclusive, monthly cost that allows residents to better manage their budget. Services such as transportation, housekeeping, and Freedom Dining make life easier and more delicious. For added peace of mind, RLC has on-site staff that provides assistance through a 24/7 emergency call system. And, when it comes to needing additional home support, residents have the freedom to contract with their choice of providers. If someone needs help finding a service, each RLC community has relationships with fee-based, local home care providers to facilitate that search.   

Forming New Friendships

Another noteworthy benefit of RLC is having a full-time lifestyle director who plans social activities. Because there are so many opportunities to engage with other residents, many often find that their social circle expands dramatically. Even during the pandemic, our staff found ways to keep our residents connected while staying safe. These types of connections give residents a sense of belonging, which is important as we age. Here are a few of the comments we hear regularly:   

 "Our community is the best because we care so much about each other and all the wonderful people that work here. I love my neighbors and they care about me! I am so happy here." - Ann R.

"I was so excited to organize our floor block party! We mixed and mingled with current and newly moved-in residents. It was fantastic to see people who didn't know each other connect and have a great time. We just love it here!" – Suzanne F. 

Find Yourself at Home

If you're in the process of deciding where you'd like to live throughout your golden years, we'd love to have you come visit one of our communities. Take a tour, meet a few friendly faces, and see what a resort lifestyle could look like for you. You never know, this could be the yellow brick road that leads you to a home like no other!

Want to know how we're touring safely these days? We've outlined the details in this article!

Want more tips on healthy aging? 

Download a list of great podcasts!

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Resort Lifestyle Communities (RLC) develops all-inclusive resort-style communities to provide a relaxing and worry-free retirement lifestyle for residents. The comfort, safety, and enjoyment of our residents are our top priorities. For this reason, every community is staffed with live-in managers, a 24/7 emergency alert system and concierge service, gourmet chefs, housekeepers, maintenance staff, a full-time lifestyle director, and more. For more information about RLC, visit

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