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Blog: A Letter To Our Senior Living Consultant

Good morning. I just had to take a moment and write regarding our recent experience working with the Senior Living Consultant at Provident Crossings. 

To give you a bit of background, I took my mother to Provident Crossings early May to have lunch with a friend's mom who lives there. We had a lovely lunch and we were greeted with a friendly hello from all the staff and the residents we encountered. We took a brief look around and then called it a day but met Jacqueline, briefly on the way out.

My mother had been living alone since my Dad passed away seven years ago after 47 years of marriage. My mom has never driven in her life. With that being said, I am her only source of transportation, entertainment, resources, etc. My husband and I have been praying for seven years for a situation that would be ideal for her.

After our wonderful lunch, my mom, who in the past, had never been receptive to any type of living situation like this, now seemed receptive. I called Jacqueline and had a wonderful phone chat with her and then set an appointment for a full tour the next week.

During the tour, Jacqueline showed us everything, explained so many unique features, knew so many of the residents and their stories, was patient, funny, and most of all creative with how she approached any "objections" or questions my mom had. Mom and I left feeling very hopeful and inspired that this may be an option. After a week of praying about it, mom said to make one more appointment.

We met with Jacqueline a second time, two weeks to the day of our first visit, and my mom signed the lease! REMARKABLE! One week later, moving trucks arrived and moved her in to her new home!

Since my Mom moved in, she has attended Bingo, live music, watched the horse race, played chair volleyball, and socialized with everyone she’s come in contact with. Today, she’s on an outing to the LBJ Ranch! Before moving in, my mom would sleep until 11:00 or 11:30 every day, saying there was no reason to get up because the days were too long. Now, she’s up, dressed and at breakfast every morning, and she says she can't wait until 10:00 p.m. now because she is so tired from doing so much! 

If you knew me, you would know how many times I have cried and prayed for a community for her over the years. This has truly been an answer to a seven-year prayer! I am not quite sure she would have made the move at all, or certainly this soon, without the gentle guidance and direction of Jacqueline throughout this process!

I am sorry to have such a long letter but when praise is due, it must be said!

Thanks again for providing such a clean, fresh, interesting environment for all of the residents at Provident Crossings! We have already told so many people. You may need to build an additional wing!

Happiest Regards,

(Daughter of one of our residents)

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