Holistic Approach to Senior Living

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Holistic approaches to senior living have become quite popular. Derived from the Greek term holism, the idea interprets to a natural way of feeling complete. The need for holistic senior living options has become more apparent as the connection between mental, physical, and spiritual health has been increasingly supported by scientific findings.

Three Tenets of a Holistic Approach

Under the concept of holism, it is agreed that all three of these aspects must be handled in a common manner in order to encourage and achieve well-being rather than concentrating on one particular disability or disease. A holistic approach to care involves associating the mind, body, and spirit of an individual in supported living.

People can pursue what matters to them the most when they belong to a community that inspires the mind of an individual who produces a culture.

 A holistic approach to senior care means inspiring the mind and emerging personal innovation. Until their heart's content, seniors should have the option of attending school.

A holistic living community embraces and encourages the habits of all-encompassing physical wellness. An individual living in this kind of community should be well conscious that physical wellness is part of the program.

A stellar facility should make access to new prospects for growth, personal development, and improvement for their citizens. The spiritual aspect of the holistic approach takes into concern for both the emotional and social phases of an individual.

Approaches such as faith-based senior living and Senior Living for Pet Owners are also necessary.

Faith-Based Senior Living

Faith-based senior living services provide Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and other religious communities that deliver senior living care to individuals who would like to practice their religion and be accompanied by people who often believe that faith is a significant aspect of their everyday lives.

For those people who have pursued their faith through their lives, having a senior living home that respects their personal faith should be a top priority.

Hence, age reports show that to 69% of seniors over the age of 65 say religion is "very important" to them. Religion has become part of a senior's identity by the time they reach their senior years.

A religious order can provide a community around its members. It offers a setup of helping assets of compatible people who have similar principles. 

Religious practices and beliefs are reported as expressively helping seniors with the aging process. This includes declining physical capability and transfers to a faith-based senior living facility, as well as desolating for others who are no longer living.

Senior Living for Pet Owners

Pet Friendly Senior Living is committed to making their occupants secured and relaxed as necessary, and accept pets to help alleviate isolation and sadness that sometimes occurs with older age.

Whenever it relates to pet care in senior living communities, one of the significant factors is that a pet-friendly senior living community has to guarantee that it has a service that accommodates not just to the necessities of seniors, but also to the necessities of pets.

Studies show that those pets provide their senior owner's many unconditional benefits. Dogs, cats and other pets positively affect their owners' health by lowering blood pressure and by keeping seniors busy taking care of their adored animal companions. 

Seniors with dogs, cats, and other pets are smart to find pet-friendly senior housing that offers conveniences for older adults and also keeps in mind the needs of their pets.


Tips For Aging Well

No matter what age you are, with these tips, you can learn how to age well.

Try to Learn & Use New Technology
Technology modifies the way people age and participates in the world around them. Through the technology system, numerous of our Personal Care and Senior Living groups use the It's Never 2 Late®

It's Never 2 Late® is a stress-free to use touchscreen system that's prepackaged with likable subjects to help seniors—definitely those with dementia and memory loss—progress socialization skills and upsurge quality of life. 

Technology involvement creates positive thinking and vigorous lifestyles as it is connected with feelings of hope and well-being.

 Volunteer & Stay Social
According to a study of participants in AARP's Experience Corps, results showed that volunteers showed improvements in both physical and mental health along with an obvious delay in the start of problems connected to aging.

The study found that volunteers specifically experienced:

  • Rarer restrictions in their physical abilities.
  • A gentler decline in health because of aging.
  • A reduced threat of depression.
  • Physical activity has been increased.
  • Better involvement in the local community.
  • A larger quantity of friends.
  • A feeling of hopefulness about life.
  • Better memory aptitude.

Take Care of your Brain
To stimulate the "thinking" part of their brain which is the frontal lobe, seniors especially need to engage in brain fitness exercises. Essential for sustaining cognitive skills, memory, decision making, problem-solving and motor functioning.

The frontal lobe could be reflected in the "cockpit" of the brain. 

Beyond physical exercise, some profound ways to take care of the brain include:

  • Artistic activities
  • Second language learning
  • Solving puzzles
  • Reading
  • Writing 
  • Using online brain fitness activities

Embrace Successful Aging 
The created product of the landmark MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging is known to be the MasterpieceLiving program. Based on data and thoroughly tested, the program assists elder living groups in forming supportive surroundings to aid aging individuals prosper. 

 The program is made on the notion that successful aging necessitates numerous vital components:

  • Participating socially with others.
  • Evolving the substance of determination and meaning in life.
  • Upholding a lifestyle that is physically active and mentally stimulating.
  • Being in an understanding atmosphere.

 Overall, aging in many ways indicates new life. The opportunity to do the things you never got around to doing until now is the start of a new and thrilling lifestyle.

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