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Mind, Body & Spirit: All About the Spirit

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Over the last few months, we've shared some of the exciting ways we've celebrated the beauty of our minds and bodies in our posts All About the Mind and All About the Body. Continuing this theme, the activities across our communities have focused on the many ways we can build and brighten our spirits and the spirits of those around us. Read on to explore how we renew and strengthen our spirits every day.

Uplifting Art

It's said that art speaks to the soul, so what better way to uplift the spirit than to create something inspiring? The calm, centered state that comes from making something with one's own hands is an experience we aim to recreate as often as possible.

In honor of Independence Day, our residents at Reflection Ridge (Wichita, KS) got together with clothespins and patriotic accessories to make unique wreaths to decorate their apartment doors for the holiday. Following suit, residents at Vickery Rose (Roswell, GA) used blocks of wood to make personalized red, white, and blue table decorations. Opting for a different form of painting, our neighbors at Stone Oak (Hilliard, OH) broke out their acrylic paints to create images of a moonlit lake.

Whether it's crafting, painting, or just taking crayons to a coloring book, creating something in any art form can promote mindfulness and optimism that feeds the spirit. 

The Spirit of Friendship

Being in the company of good friends is one of the best ways to reenergize. The only thing that could make it better is playing a game together! We often find our residents gathered in the game room with a deck of cards or a chess board, and we recently spied a group at Stone Oak (Hilliard, OH) engaged in a friendly competition over a game of pool in the billiards room. At Okatie Pines (Okatie, SC), another competition was taking place on the air hockey table. The laughter heard among the sounds of the hockey puck clinking back and forth was enough to make us all smile.

Sometimes the simplest activity can be the most rewarding. A 1000-piece puzzle is what brought friends together at Evergreen Crossings (South Windsor, CT). Putting the last piece in place was a rewarding moment—no matter the size of the goal, accomplishing it with friends by your side is the ultimate spirit lifter.

Soulful Literature

Literature, regardless of whether it's fiction or non-fiction, opens the door to experiences that can inspire, educate, entertain, and amaze. Each of our communities has an on-site library where residents can relax with a book or find one to take with them. Recently, the local library made a donation to Cactus Valley (Henderson, NV) that included large print books for our seniors. With new arrivals in stock, the library has been a busy place!

Our neighbors at Deerfield Springs (Loveland, OH) also appreciate a good book and have formed a popular book club that pairs the magic of storytelling with the important need for socialization. Members explore the themes and lessons in various writings while sharing a deeper connection with one another.

The Spirit of All-Inclusive Living

Events and activities, large and small, are just one piece of our all-inclusive lifestyle. Creating art, playing games, and exercising our imaginations, especially with friends and neighbors, is one of the most important methods for lifting, strengthening, and renewing our spirits. It's all a part of resort-style retirement living.

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