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Sandbox Soulmates

Sam and Carrie winning awards at Provident Crossings.
Some find their soulmate in the sandbox. Turns out, the happily married manager couple at Red Rock Pointe Retirement Community in Las Vegas, Nevada started out as preschool pals.

Sam and Carrie Martin fondly recall their first meeting at the age of three. The native Minnesotans grew up down the street from one another. Sam and Carrie’s parents were friends, so it was natural that the two got together from time to time growing up. It was written in the stars when Sam’s mother said during a playdate, “Wouldn’t it be cute if they got married?” that the two would eventually celebrate thirty-six years of marriage.

“What can I say? We’re both people pleasers!”
Carrie jokes.

Committing their lives to one another out of high school, they each sought careers that would allow them to pursue that same passion for pleasing others. Carrie kicked off her career trajectory in the senior industry beginning as a nursing aide at a local nursing home. Sam’s journey sought his attention away from home as a member of the United States Navy and later a civilian career in management and sales.

As years went by, frequent flyer miles accrued, and they became empty nesters, Sam and Carrie realized that true happiness existed when they were together.

“I came home one day and Carrie said she had found our new career,”
recalls Sam.

Jealous of the people that got work with Sam, Carrie had discovered an opportunity to continue their passions of helping others – but this time, together as a team.

“We were really impressed with RLC. The opportunity – for us – sounded way too good to be true,”
the couple coincided.

Carrie and Sam were excited to embark on their new adventure together. Their first stop took them under the eyes of Texas to the proclaimed Sports Capital of Round Rock, Texas. There they were introduced to the many joys and benefits of managing RLC’s Provident Crossings Retirement Resort.

“It’s an amazing lifestyle, to say the least. We fell in love with it. We wake up every morning wanting to go to work and make a difference in other people’s lives – and we don’t have to leave the comforts of our home to do it,”
Sam vibrantly exclaims.

Fast forward a few years later, an opportunity to open RLC’s new Red Rock Pointe Retirement Community in Las Vegas, Nevada presented itself and the couple did not hesitate at stepping forth for the challenge. With their youngest daughter attending the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, it made it easy to say yes to spending time together as a family under the searing desert sun.

“Happiness is not dictated by how much money one makes or where one makes it,”
Sam says. “If you don’t enjoy it, life’s way too short not to.” Carrie adds, “A happy staff equates into happy residents. And that makes us even happier people.”

The couple states the biggest challenge working together is knowing when to flip the switch between work and home as ensuring personal time for one another is important.

“The biggest bonus about working with each other is I can read Sam and sense if and when he needs a break. It makes problem-solving much easier and more productive.”
Carrie discloses.

“We constantly talk about how we balance that. Everything in life has a proper balance. We’re blessed to have such an amazing staff, which
allows the chance to venture out for an occasional Date Night!”
reveals Sam.

Living in Las Vegas provides a plethora of potential activities to find that balance. Whether it’s checking out a show on The Strip, hiking at one of the many National Parks in the area, or teaching Tai Chi on the weekends – Sam and Carrie have found their feng shui.

“We complement one another well professionally,”
says Carrie.

Their divide and conquer philosophy has proven successful. In the morning they start their day with a hearty RRP breakfast to fuel their daily to do’s – Sam managing marketing and sales while Carrie carries the congenial torch of hospitality for staff and guests.

“Carrie has an addiction to helping others. It’s all about the details for her,”
Sam declares.

“He’s very level headed. He’s the mellow mushroom of us. Absolutely no drama for mama,”
Carrie counters.

They both agree that balance is best for couples considering a career together. By embracing everything that happens, maintaining an open line of communication and going with the flow, they concluded their life with RLC has been the most fulfilling mission they’ve ever had.

And as the story goes, Sam and Carrie will continue living happily ever hereafter… even if Sam still secretly jams out to Britney Spear’s music. ;-)

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