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Senior Friendly Storage Solutions

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Many senior citizens have decades of memories and collectibles in their homes. As seniors age, however, the need to organize the home becomes a priority. Certainly, there cannot be a lot of clutter in the home because it causes possible tripping and falling hazards. Learn all about senior-friendly storage solutions and how they can help seniors stay self-sufficient.

Understanding Why Storage Solutions Are Beneficial for Seniors

As people age, their mobility may be limited. For example, it's harder to reach upward for an item off a tall shelf, or bending down is painful. At times, seniors who haven't organized their homes in years will find it difficult to grab everyday things. For this reason, it's beneficial for seniors to have storage solutions.

Additionally, storage solutions also declutter homes. Items hanging from doors or strewn across the floor can be hazardous for seniors. Inevitably, the clutter might trip seniors, which creates serious health issues.

Furthermore, storage solutions also act as decorating opportunities. Baskets, bins, and boxes might have attractive colors, accents, and other features. Seniors can put together containers of their favorite things, for example. Because they're actively creating these memory boxes to return to later on, seniors' brains are stimulated and moods improve.

Certainly, a family might make a weekend out of organizing the senior's home, too. As the senior creates the boxes, the family can organize the perfect area for them. Working together is another benefit of storage solutions for seniors.

Ideally, store items inside the home where seniors have regular access to them. Otherwise, consider storage areas outside the main living space for other items only needed on occasion.

Exploring Portable Storage Container Options

A clever way to store items today is through portable storage containers. Storage companies, such as Smartbox Moving and Storage, deliver a wood container to your property, for example. Store almost any nonperishable belonging in these containers, such as furniture, trunks, boxes, musical instruments, and much more.

Before ordering a container, consider what items you need to store. Typically, these containers come in several sizes, such as 8-, 12- or 16-foot boxes. Choose a size that's slightly larger than what's needed at the moment. For a senior living alone, the small container may be a perfect size.

Be sure to pack the box like a moving truck. Essentially, place heavy items on the bottom and light materials on top. Indeed, consider how accessible the items must be if they're placed in the container's rear end. If you need to access the item in the next few weeks, then try to arrange the container with those items near the door.

Ideally, avoid storing anything that might rot or leak. For example, store a lawnmower only if it's perfectly clean of any cut grass. Don't store fluids, either. In most cases, the containers aren't climate-controlled so they will heat up and cool down with the prevailing weather.

Benefiting From Portable Storage

Portable storage offers several benefits to seniors. Because the containers remain at your property, seniors can always access their belongings. They'll know the items are close and safe with just a glance out the window. Other storage options, in contrast, require a rental at a physical facility. Here, seniors may be wary about losing their belongings to theft or natural disasters. The portable option suggests there's more control over the stored items.

Additionally, families have the option of moving the container in the future. For example, the senior moves to another location where the container cannot be stored. As a solution, the family can transport the container to a secure facility where it remains untouched. It's never necessary to open the container, which provides a level of security in the senior's mind.

Furthermore, portable containers are beneficial because they protect the belongings over a long period. Most companies claim the containers are water resistant, which makes them safe for areas with regular rainstorms. Although they aren't waterproof, they're strong enough to keep most items free from any damage.

By decluttering their home, seniors can freely move about without falling concerned. Discuss storage options with your loved ones. Organizing the space empowers seniors and reveals those lost items they may have misplaced over the years.

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Brittany Cotton is an article writer that focuses on health, wellness, and business. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, and trying new recipes.

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