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Seniors, It’s Time to Get Spunky!

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If you're in your fabulous 50s or older, it's time to put the sass on full blast. February is Spunky Old Broads Month, and Resort Lifestyle Communities is here for it all. 

What's Spunky Old Broads Month?

Affectionately abbreviated as SOB month, this spectacular celebration is the brainchild of the late Dr. Gayle Carson. It's an entire month dedicated to encouraging women over 50 to live out their dreams, learn something new, be bold, do something different, and enjoy all that life has to offer. It's empowerment with an elegant twist.

According to Webster, the definition of spunky is to be "courageous and determined," and Dr. Carson definitely fit the bill. She was an author of more than two dozen books, an international speaker, coach and mentor, and a four-time cancer survivor. Dr. Carson also aired on three of her own radio shows, which turned into podcasts. She was a force for good and encouraged women to not only become spectacular SOBs but also support one another - Golden Girls-style.

The Story Behind the Name

Back in 2002, when Dr. Carson created the holiday, she purposefully chose the words spunky, old, and broad because they had negative connotations. She wanted to put a new spin on their meaning and become a positive influence for women to live a bold, regret-free life. As the annual SOB celebration took hold across the country, the name also grew to mean Spunky, Open, and Brave. Why did Dr. Carson choose February? It was the month she was born into this wild, wonderful world!

Ways to Show Off Your Spunk

Are you ready to live out loud? To get the most out of being Spunky, Open, and Brave, it helps to feel your best inside and out. That means staying in physical shape with regular exercise and a healthy diet, keeping a positive outlook on life, having a purpose that's bigger than you, and sharing life experiences with friends and loved ones. They're your community, and community is everything.

Want more ways to spark 'spunk' in your life? Very few people were as spunky and lovely as Betty White, and she always said to:

  • Choose joy every day.
  • Celebrate moments that most people take for granted.
  • Find hobbies linked to what you're passionate about.
  • Know and appreciate your worth.
  • Keep your mind active with games and puzzles.
  • Enjoy 'cheat days' with good wine and great snacks.
  • Never forget to laugh.
  • Remember that age is just a number!

White also noted, "older women still have a full life if they choose to have one." So, here's to choosing fullness and spunkiness this month and always. Grab a friend and go ballroom dancing, walk through the park, volunteer, adopt a dog, take an art class, or throw caution to the wind and go ziplining. Let it feed your spunky soul. 

Want to expand your community of fun friends? We'd love to have you at Resort Lifestyle Communities. Find a location near you, and let us show you what worry-free, independent living looks like.

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