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Whether you've been making plans to downsize and relocate to an independent senior living community for a long time, or you're just beginning to explore possibilities for the next chapter in your life, current events might have you wondering about your options. Can you move forward with your plans? When is the best time to move in? Are senior communities safe?

Fortunately, you don't have to put your plans on hold. Now more than ever, Resort Lifestyle Communities is committed to providing the support and assurance you need to safely and successfully transition to an independent, worry-free lifestyle. Here's how we can help.

Take a Socially Distanced Tour
In the age of social distancing, a virtual tour is a wonderful option. Step into one of our apartments, walk down Main Street, and peek into our state-of-the-art theater, all virtually, without leaving the house! Our live-in Community Managers or Senior Living Consultant are happy to send customized videos straight to your computer or phone, as well as answer your questions. Use our location map to find a community near you, then click Take A Tour to get started!

Get Ready to Move In
At times like this, we know experience matters. Our expertise and support, along with the dedication of our live-in managers, can give you reassurance in a changing world. If you're ready to take the next step, we're ready to welcome you home! Throughout the last several months, our community's careful planning and continued protocols have kept our residents healthy and protected. The same careful practices also apply to new residents moving in, and will ensure a safe and smooth transition that gives you and your family peace of mind!

Start Living Worry-Free
Life at our resort-style communities is all about enjoying the things you love. In order to experience the fun in life, we take care of everything—fresh Chef-prepared meals, activities, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, and more. And, check out the fun we've had with our recent socially distanced activities. You can rest assured, knowing we'll take care of your needs safely and with a smile! We're in this together, and we're always here when you need us.

Are you ready to Celebrate Life? Get in touch with a community near you to take a virtual tour, learn about all-inclusive living, and experience the safety and comfort of a worry-free, independent lifestyle!

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Resort Lifestyle Communities

Resort Lifestyle Communities (RLC) develops all-inclusive resort-style communities to provide a relaxing and worry-free retirement lifestyle for residents. The comfort, safety, and enjoyment of our residents are our top priorities. For this reason, every community is staffed with live-in managers, a 24/7 emergency alert system and concierge service, gourmet chefs, housekeepers, maintenance staff, a full-time lifestyle director, and more. For more information about RLC, visit

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