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The Rise of Touchscreen Technology - How Seniors Are Embracing Digital Innovation

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Technology is a game-changer for healthcare and, more importantly, senior living. Digital health technologies, artificial intelligence, and Telehealth have made it possible to monitor senior health, keep residents safe, and increase staffing efficiencies post-pandemic.

But as most experts argue, technology always works best when combined with a human touch!

For instance, Telehealth got a boost during the pandemic, with up to 88% of Americans admitting to having given it a try. Of this, 75% are convinced that digital solutions have an important role to play in senior health care.

Below is a look at the impact of touchscreen technology on the lives of today’s seniors.

Touchscreen Trends for Now and the Future

 A few years ago, the concept of touchscreen technology felt foreign and futuristic. Well, that future has arrived, and touch screens are now everywhere, including in hospitals and senior living facilities.

For the innovators behind this adoption curve, there’s a need to look at the trends that are driving touch screen adoption and how seniors are embracing it.

What Are the Touchscreen Trends to Look Out for In the Future?

Senior touch screens or touch screen tables are a unique way to make technology more accessible to older adults. For starters, screens are simpler to use compared to buttons on a traditional keyboard.

All one has to do is use their finger to tap on the screen. On this front, some of the trends to expect in the coming days include:

• Experts are Exploring Predictive Touch: Researchers at the University of Cambridge have recently patented a technique that will enable them to develop predictive technology. The technique uses AI and sensor data to anticipate a senior’s intended target and select for them without having to touch the screen. Its developers believe it can aid in preventing disease transmission, especially when using public touch screen systems in hospitals.

• Touch Walls for Hospitals, Labs, and Senior Living Facilities: Expanding capabilities are the mainstay of touchscreen technology. A simple touch on a touchscreen display equaled one mouse click in the early days. Thanks to advancements in this sector, touch displays are now able to support multi-touch gestures, making them even more useful to their users. The emergence of touch walls is a manifestation of just how much touch panels have evolved.

How Senior Citizens Are Adopting to the Changes in the Digital Innovation Space

The development and production of innovative technical aids such as smartphones and touchscreens are not a new concept, contrary to what some might think. It’s something that the Japanese have done successfully for years and is now just catching up in the USA.

Tech experts believe this trend will continue to rise as more markets become conscious of the benefits offered by these digital solutions. But even as production ramps up, the question of how senior citizens are adapting to these changes is one that society can’t afford to overlook.

You should note that senior citizens are just as interested in technically and visually appealing digital solutions as the younger generation. What this means is that people don’t change their tastes suddenly merely because they have grown older.

While some of them may have a hard time at first dealing with how some of these products work, they eventually learn how to operate them. Soon, these solutions end up becoming great companions for them as they can operate them intuitively.

Most seniors find them easy to use thanks to their large texts and icons, including the fact that they have fewer apps that can confuse them. Additionally, all their basic functions are clearly named, enabling older people to do more with them, e.g., city maps instead of GPS.


Touchscreens may have been considered a novelty at some point, but their widespread accessibility has made them a feature in almost all industries. And while some senior citizens may have been hesitant to embrace them at first, many have come around to using them after noticing their many benefits.

This will become even more evident as the field of touchscreen technology continues to develop and innovators continue to explore areas such as predictive touch. The use of touch walls will also help to bring more convenience to seniors in America and worldwide.

Written By

Brittany Cotton

Brittany Cotton is an article writer that focuses on health, wellness, and business. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, and trying new recipes.

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