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Vickery Rose Couple Celebrates 75th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Date: May 11, 1944
Home: Roswell, Georgia 

Double dates can be delightfully surprising, as was the case at a 1939 showing of the classic film Gone With The Wind, when Florence and Paul first met. Florence knew that very day, after a four-hour romantic film fling, she would eventually marry Paul. Florence's vision came true. While Paul was on military leave, they exchanged vows on May 11, 1944.   

After the wedding, Paul asked Florence to move to Florida so they could be together. She happily said yes, but her only request was that he never ask her, “What’s for lunch.” Holding true to his word to this day, he has yet to run the risk of posing that question to her!  

The couple enjoyed thirty-six years as residents in Florida. Then, they relocated to Georgia to be closer to their family. A CPA by trade, Paul still does his own taxes at 103 years of age! Paul and Florence have three children, four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. 

The couple says their secret to longevity is having a positive attitude about life, appreciating what they have, surrounding themselves with family and friends, and not going into business with family members. Retiring at the age of 58 and playing golf every day in the warm Florida sun, certainly helps, too. However, the most important factor for their marriage lasting 75 years is that they truly love one another. 

Please join us in wishing Paul and Florence the happiest of wedding anniversaries! 

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