The Cost Benefits of an All-Inclusive Retirement Community

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The concept of all-inclusive resorts has been around since the 1950s when the French Club Med resorts introduced it to their guests. Once people realized all of the perks that were included, and the ability to manage their vacation budgets, the idea took off like a speedy Corvette. Since that time, countless vacation destinations, cruise ships, and even retirement communities have adopted this model.  

For more than two decades, Resort Lifestyle Communities (RLC) has offered residents a luxurious, all-inclusive lifestyle that provides a relaxing and worry-free retirement. What so many people have come to realize is that beyond the occasional vacation, all-inclusive living simply makes sense. 

When it comes to the financial side of things, which is always a critical decision factor, choosing an all-inclusive retirement community can have five specific benefits:

1. Easier to Budget

At RLC, your rent, utilities, meals, and activities are all included in one monthly cost. This makes it much easier to map out your personal finances. You don’t have the fluctuating costs of heating and cooling your home, and you don’t have to pay for big-ticket surprises like the refrigerator giving out or the dryer suddenly deciding it’s had its last spin.

2. No Hidden Fees

This is something to keep in mind as you research communities. Some require a nonrefundable entrance or community fee, which is sometimes referred to as your "buy-in." RLC values a worry-free lifestyle in every aspect of our business. That’s why we don’t charge buy-in fees or require you to sign a long-term lease.

3. More Free Time

Time is one of life’s most valuable commodities. When activities or chores like cooking, cleaning, or maintaining a home are taken care of for you, you have more time to spend on valuable activities. You can invest in meeting new friends, trying new activities like yoga, taking up new hobbies, and sampling new foods from our executive chefs. Some RLC residents have even joined Wii bowling leagues and started garden clubs together.

4. Quality Services

Another benefit that’s somewhat unique to RLC is the quality of services you get for your money. The comfort, safety, and enjoyment of our residents is our top priority. With that in mind, our all-inclusive pricing includes access to live-in managers, a 24/7 emergency alert system, concierge service, gourmet chefs, housekeepers, maintenance staff, a full-time lifestyle director, and so much more. If you were to pay for each of these services separately, it would far outweigh the cost of what you pay in rent each month!

5. The Priceless Extras

All-inclusive living also offers things money can’t buy. Things like the ability to keep your beloved pet, create new friendships, be free from chores, and gain access to delicious food (that you didn’t have to cook). In fact, our signature Freedom Dining program is one of our most popular amenities. It mimics the dining experience of a luxury resort where professional chefs provide three nutritious meals each day – meals that pair nicely with flexible hours, with snacks always available in between. This, along with our exclusive travel program, are just a few of the priceless “extras” that come with resort-style living.

When you add it up, these benefits equal a life of ease with the freedom to do as much or as little as you want. So, go to that happy hour, try a new fitness class, take a trip to the mall with friends, or relax and take a nap. You can live your life to the fullest – and it’s all included at RLC.

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Resort Lifestyle Communities

Resort Lifestyle Communities (RLC) develops all-inclusive resort-style communities to provide a relaxing and worry-free retirement lifestyle for residents. The comfort, safety, and enjoyment of our residents are our top priorities. For this reason, every community is staffed with live-in managers, a 24/7 emergency alert system and concierge service, gourmet chefs, housekeepers, maintenance staff, a full-time lifestyle director, and more. For more information about RLC, visit

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