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What We Learned from our LinkedIn Testimonials

A testimonial can be a powerful thing. It is a public recounting of an experience.
This year, one of our resolutions from the RLC Media Team has been to update our company page on LinkedIn, a social networking site where future employees learn about businesses and where businesses advertise job openings.
So we asked three of our employees from different communities to tell us about their jobs: What was their day like? What was their favorite part of their job? What advice would they give to someone applying for their position in another community? What they gave us were amazing insights into how hard they work, and what motivates them to do what they do.  We kept it extra short for LinkedIn. But enjoy the full story here and… Happy New Year!  

Kim Clardy, Community Manager, Capital Oaks, Raleigh, North Carolina

What’s it like living and managing a community with Resort Lifestyle Communities? Ever-changing, inspiring, challenging, emotional, and privileged all come to mind. My husband and I feel honored to serve the greatest generation – together we work to empower our residents to live their most independent, healthy, happy lives!
Working with your spouse can be challenging and there are always situations that test your relationship. But when you respect each other, you will find this career much easier. It’s important to identify each of your strengths and weaknesses and work along those lines.
I have worked with two other senior companies. Resort Lifestyle Communities has taken all that was good in the independent living model and made it better! The concierge team makes an incredible difference in the day-to-day operation of the community. My husband and I are able to really focus on our residents, our team, and running the community. The support we receive from the home office team is beyond any we have experienced. They are always quick to answer, offer support, guidance and direction.

Jonathon Bolton, Executive Chef at Daniel Pointe, Daniel Island, South Carolina

I’ve been working at Resort Lifestyle Communities for eight months, and one of the things I appreciate most about working here is that the menu changes every day. It’s always fresh and always interesting. As a chef, I’m hands on, which this position requires. For everyone who works with me, it’s a learning environment.
We have a sous chef, and a culinary support team of five. It’s not a problem if a team member has little, to no experience. I like being able to teach those individuals just getting into the culinary industry, and help them to grow their career.
Building relationships with our residents is the key to the warm and friendly environment that RLC is known for. We want everyone to enjoy their dining experience, as well as truly feeling, and knowing that they’re home. For me, this is a dream job. My staff and I just have fun on a daily basis, while simultaneously doing what we love. The same goes with the residents. We all have fun together.
Fun and games aside, we’re serious about the food. We’re revolutionizing the dining experience in the retirement industry. What’s most important for me is the quality of the cuisine that we offer our residents, which is on par with top culinary establishments.
My advice to anyone applying? Be open-minded. Understand that this is a hands-on position. Be willing to engage with your resident base. Be able to accept criticism with the same enthusiasm as you do praise. This is our residents’ home and we are here for them – not the other way around.

Nichole Ehrbar, Senior Living Consultant, Emerald Oaks, San Antonio, Texas

My grandmother, who I loved more than anyone in the world, started me on this path. I have always enjoyed working with seniors. To be a senior living consultant, (and be able to separate yourself from your competition), you can’t just sell. You have to love what you’re selling and who you are selling it to.
Passion, empathy, versatility, flexibility and good listening skills are essential. I learned a lot on my career path as a nursing assistant, as well as in nursing school. In senior communities, I also worked as an Activities Director, and Director of Resident Services. Having lived abroad also helped me to have a deeper understanding of the seniors we serve.
My busy day includes listening to people, touring with new families, and helping them feel at home. It’s hard work and it’s a journey of discovery. A great day for me is when they walk away confident and informed. Whether I’m talking to a future resident or their family member, I need to understand the fundamental reason they’re reaching out to us. We provide solutions. To be the biggest help to them, we’re flexible, knowledgeable, and patient, as we guide them every step of the way. We work in their home; they don’t live in our work.

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