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Monthly Rent

Q - How much does rent cost?

A - Our rental rates vary by geographical location and apartment size. Contact a community to find out more about rental pricing.

Q - How often is the rent raised?

A - Your month-to-month rent is honored for one full year after you move in. We make every effort to keep rent increases to a minimum. We evaluate our rates annually and make adjustments based only on any increased costs related to providing our senior services.

Q - Do you charge a buy-in fee?

A - No. While some independent living communities charge tens of thousands of dollars in buy-in fees, we don't charge a buy-in fee. We only charge a deposit fee equal to one month’s rent, half of which is refundable.


Q - Do I have to sign a long-term rental contract?

A - No. Our rental agreement is month-to-month with no buy-in fee.


Q - Do you have a satisfaction or money-back guarantee? What happens if I move in but I’m not 100% satisfied?

A - Although we’re confident our community will exceed your expectations, we do offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services within your first 30 days, and have lived with us for at least 10 days, you may give notice to vacate and receive a full refund of money paid for your deposit and first 30 days’ rent. Please note that this guarantee applies only to apartment rent and applicable deposits, and does not include money paid for additional services or expenditures.


Q - Can more than two people live in a single apartment?

A - Yes. Your base rent will remain the same, but we charge a standard additional-resident fee for the meals, amenities, and services provided to the additional residents.

Q - Do you charge a fee for additional residents?

A - Yes. Your base rent will remain the same, but we charge a standard second-resident fee for the meals, amenities, and services provided to the second resident.


Q - Can I upsize or downsize my apartment after I move in?

A - Yes. If an apartment with your desired floorplan is available, you may change apartments after you’ve moved in.

Q - I'd like my friend to move into my community with me. Do you have a program for referrals?

A - Yes. We offer $500 to current residents who refer a non-family member as a new resident to the community. Some restrictions apply, so check with the community manager for details.

Q - How do I pay my rent?

A - In keeping with the spirit of carefree living, your monthly rent can be paid using automatic withdrawal from your bank account.

Q - How can I contact your Resident Relations Department?

A - If you have compliments, concerns, questions, or comments, please contact our Resident Relations Department at 1-888-545-4272.

Q - Do you offer veteran discounts? 

A - We’re proud to have many veterans as residents in our communities, and we honor them throughout the year in many ways. While we do not offer discounts on our monthly rent, qualified veterans may be able to use VA benefits, such as Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefits or the Veterans’ Pension to help pay for senior housing. You’ll need to check with your local Veterans Administration to learn about your options.

Living Here

Q - Are the apartments accessible to persons with disabilities?

A - Yes. All common areas and many of our apartments are wheelchair accessible.

Q - Do you allow mobile devices such as scooters or wheelchairs?

A - Absolutely! Our residents may use any assistive devices that allow them to remain mobile and independent. Our community meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. Some apartment floor plans have additional accessibility features, so please check with our manager for details.

Q - I'm used to living in a house. Can I hear my neighbors through the walls in your apartments?

A - All our apartments are separated by fire- and sound-rated walls, and strategically designed to minimize the chance of hearing your neighbors in a community environment.

Q - Can I control the temperature in my apartment, or is the temperature the same for the whole building?

A - Each apartment features an individual HVAC system that allows residents to set the thermostat according to their personal preference.

Q - Are your apartments furnished?

A - No, but if you'd like, we can help you locate furniture or find you a reputable moving company to make your move as easy as possible.

Q - Do you allow smoking?

A - Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes or other substitute smoking materials, is not permitted in the building or on the community bus. Smoking is permitted on balconies and patios where allowed by local statute.

Q - Do you allow service animals?

A - Yes. We welcome service animals to accompany their humans in all areas of our community, including the common areas of the building, such as the dining room.

Q - Do you allow pets? What is your pet policy?

A - We warmly welcome your house pets, and we don’t require a pet deposit! Dogs may reside in ground-floor apartments, while cats and other small animals are permitted in all apartments. Please note that non-service animals are not allowed in the common areas of the building (e.g., the dining room).

Q - Do you have a dog park?

A - While we don’t have a dedicated dog park on campus, our outdoor living areas are dog-friendly and provide plenty of room for walks and playtime. These areas are also equipped with pet waste pickup stations for your convenience.

Q - What kind of security do you provide?

A - To ensure the highest level of security, our community:

  • Is professionally staffed 24 hours a day.

  • Provides all residents with a call pendant connected to our central emergency response system.

  • Controls public access by locking all doors at night. While the front doors are unlocked only during the day, residents always have 24-hour access to come and go as they please. 

Q - What safety measures are taken in case of fire or inclement weather?

A - Your safety is our top priority. Our community:

  • Meets all comprehensive safety codes and complies with federal, state, and local regulations.

  • Is equipped with fire alarms and sprinklers.

  • Uses fire-resistant material in constructing and furnishing the building.

  • Maintains emergency electrical backup systems.

  • Has clearly posted general evacuation plans.


Q - Do you provide personal care and medical assistance?

A - Our resort lifestyle emphasizes a safe, independent living environment with minimal need for assistance. We aren't licensed to provide help with medications, bathing, dressing, or other personal healthcare needs. If our residents need a private caregiver or personal care provider, they have the freedom to hire their preferred provider directly.  For your convenience, a third-party home health care agency is available on site, or you can hire the company of your choice.

Q - How big is the entire community building?

A - Our communities are each 180,000 square feet.

Q - Do I need to plan on tipping the staff?

A - We take good care of our staff with salaries and benefits, so we don’t allow tipping. You can simply enjoy all of our services without worrying about having cash on hand.

All-Inclusive Amenities

Q - Do you have a fitness center?

A - We do. Our fitness center includes an exercise area with state-of-the-art equipment you can use any time, or you can join a workout group for activities like chair exercises or strength and conditioning classes. In addition, many of our fitness centers feature a steam room, spa room, or an indoor pool. Please note that availability varies among communities.

Q - Do you offer transportation?

A - Yes. The concierge can assist you in reserving a seat on the community shuttle during the shuttle’s scheduled hours two times each week. The shuttle is equipped with a lift for safe and easy access. Transportation is within a specific geographic area. The shuttle is also used for weekly shopping outings and other group trips.

Q - What if an appliance breaks down or I need help with some kind of maintenance in my apartment home?

A - We have on-site maintenance staff who will always help with appliance or maintenance issues in your apartment, whether it’s hanging a picture, changing a lightbulb, or setting up a television.

Q - What kind of house cleaning is included in my monthly rent?

A - Our housekeepers provide light housekeeping once a week. This includes vacuuming, dusting (without moving personal items), and cleaning bathrooms, floors, countertops, and appliances. If our residents provide clean linens, our housekeepers will also change the bedding.

Q - What are your 24-hour concierge services?

A - Our live-in managers and concierges team up to provide services that support happy residents and an efficiently running community. They respond when a resident presses their emergency pendant and provide assistance with our amenities and services, like managing reception and administration, ordering meal delivery, scheduling transportation, running valet services, booking guest meals and suite stays, or even changing the batteries in your remote control.

Q - Is parking available?

A - Yes. We have lots of space in our parking lot and offer garages for rent with automatic door openers. And with our valet parking, our professional staff brings your car to the front door and, when requested, safely parks it when you return. 

Freedom Dining

Q - What is your Freedom Dining program?

A - A resort lifestyle means resort-style dining. Our Freedom Dining program pairs flexible hours with your choice of diverse meal options like our casual buffet, Chef’s Pantry, and meal delivery.

Q - May I invite a guest to dine with me?

A - As a resident, your guests are always welcome to join you for a meal. Our guest meal rates are very reasonable and are posted at the concierge desk.

Q - Do you provide individually prepared meals for residents with specific dietary requirements?

A - While our meals are not individually customized for each resident, our Freedom Dining program offers a wide selection of healthy, nutrient-rich food options to fit the needs and requirements of any diet. This includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, a nourishing salad buffet, a healthy entrée alternative, and low-sugar dessert options. Additionally, our chefs make a special effort to be present and available for residents to share comments, questions, and concerns, and residents may also request a private consultation with the community chef. 

Q - Are there any alternative food choices offered daily?

A - Our Freedom Dining program offers a wide selection of healthy, nutrient-rich food options to fit the needs and requirements of any diet, including a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, a nourishing salad buffet, a healthy entrée alternative, and low-sugar dessert options.

Q - Do you provide meal delivery service if I’m not feeling well?

A - Our meal delivery option, which is part of our Freedom Dining program, is the perfect solution for times when you’re feeling under the weather or simply wish to enjoy some quiet time at home.

Q - If I don't eat three meals a day, do I still pay for them? 

A - Yes. Because every amenity offered as part of our all-inclusive lifestyle is built into your monthly rent, we don’t track meal credits and are unable to accommodate a la carte meal arrangements.

Q - Will I be reimbursed for food costs if I'm not here for an extended period of time? 

A - Yes. Please let management know beforehand of your intended absence so we do not include you in our meal plan during your time away from the community.

Q - Are there assigned seats in the dining room?

A - In most cases, we have open seating for casual meals in our dining room, so please feel free to sit wherever you’d like! Now and then, we schedule special banquet dining events that do require an RSVP and may provide assigned seats.

Q - Is there an extra fee for meal delivery?

A - No. Meal Delivery is included in your Freedom Dining plan, which means you can enjoy a meal in your apartment any time you’d like for no additional fees.

The Resort Lifestyle

Q - May I have guests stay overnight?

A - Of course! This is your home and guests are welcome whenever you’d like. We also have a guest suite you can reserve for a reasonable rate. Some restrictions apply.

Q - As a new resident, how will I be introduced to other community residents and staff?

A - Our lifestyle plays a large role in welcoming new residents, who develop friendships through shared interests and group activities. A full resident orientation is provided by our managers and staff to ensure your comfortable integration.

Q - What if I don't want to participate in certain activities?

A - This is your home and you decide what you'd like to do with your days. You're free to participate in as many or as few activities and events as you'd like. Keep in mind that the social aspect of independent living is a huge benefit of living here.

Q - Do you serve alcohol or have happy hours?

A - We have weekly happy hours in our lounge, often with entertainment, guest speakers, or games, and serve alcohol for those who would like to partake. Additionally, our residents may store their personal spirits behind our bar, which our staff will happily access and serve for them during happy hours, meals, or other events.

Q - What is your Travel Program?

A - Our Travel Program allows our residents to stay at any of our Resort Lifestyle Communities throughout the United States. You can enjoy all of the comforts and benefits of home, away from home. Each community's concierge team can provide support and make reservations for our residents.

Q - How do I schedule a visit?

A - Find the location near you on our Community Page, and give us a call! Or if you'd rather, send us an email and we can call you.

Q - Are you currently hiring?

A - We’re always looking for great people to join the RLC family and help us provide exceptional experiences for our residents. Please visit our careers page to see current job openings and learn more about our culture of compassion, respect, and service. 

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