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Angie Stone is the Lifestyle Director for Sable Lodge in South Portland, Maine.

Meet Sable Lodge's Lifestyle Director, Angie Stone

Life is meant to be lived and Angie Stone, Lifestyle Director for Sable Lodge in South Portland, dedicates her days to ensuring each resident in the community has opportunities to do just that—celebrate their best life.
As a Lifestyle Director, Angie plans and coordinates a calendar of events and activities that appeal to the varying interests of Sable Lodge residents. The calendar often includes exercises for the mind, body and spirit. The community offers fun outings like cultural events, shopping trips, and visits to local attractions. They also schedule recurring events, fitness classes and happy hours. "My goal as a lifestyle director is to give the residents their best day and best life possible," Angie said. "It's helping residents live a life they love," she continued.

Following Career Passions
In college, Angie imagined becoming a teacher, but after taking a Sociology of Aging course at Quinnipiac University, her interests evolved. "I continued taking Gerontology courses," Angie explained. "I found a passion for working with seniors, which has existed in me ever since." However, Angie hasn't stopped teaching. She regularly trains with and mentors other lifestyle directors from Resort Lifestyle Communities. "The opportunity has been a great professional challenge for me, and is both an honor and a joy because it perfectly combines my two career passions," Angie said.

Creating a Successful Calendar
Every resident has unique interests and hobbies, and Angie works tirelessly to accommodate as many pursuits as possible. "We work to provide a plethora of life-enriching activities for everyone, whatever stage they're at in life," Angie shared. When new residents move in, Angie is there to learn about their individual interests and to educate them about how to take advantage of the lifestyle programming available. "Moving into a new community can be overwhelming, so we make the process as comfortable as possible."
At monthly lifestyle meetings, residents have the opportunity to offer feedback on events and brainstorm new ideas. She also encourages residents to go outside their comfort zone with the latest popular experiences, like goat yoga.

Some resident's favorites are weekly happy hours, where they relax and socialize; weekly fitness group activities; and off-site outings to enjoy concerts or tours. 

Living the Best Life
Angie's dedication to the residents of Sable Lodge has created an environment where they can simply enjoy social activities without having to devote their days to planning and organizing. And, she has created many friendships in the process. After so much wholesome interaction, Angie has come to know the residents as her extended family, and even shared her wedding day with them by broadcasting the ceremony in Sable Lodge's theater. "It was really touching," Angie said with a smile, "the Sable Lodge residents and teammates are my work family."

At the end of the day, Angie's favorite part of her job isn't just the residents, but giving those residents opportunities to live successful and happy lives while challenging conventional ideas about life at a retirement community. "I like proving other people wrong as to what seniors are like."

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