Meet the Carters: Stone River's Live-In Community Managers

New managers at Stone River
It’s a wonder anyone says “I do” as they embark on a career living and working together in the same building as a couple.

What can couples, considering a career together, expect?

We reached out to Live-In Manager Couple, Gary and Gina Carter, at Stone River Retirement Community in Bradenton, Florida – to field their insights on the matter. 

As the mangers of the community, Gary and Gina work together with the community’s staff and residents to oversee operations and ensure the community’s ship is sailing smoothly and in the right direction. 

“As a community manager, we live on the property. Our responsibility is to maintain the operational functions and enjoy being good friends and neighbors to our residents,” Gary says. “You must have a neighborly mentality and with that comes the responsibility to be there for your neighbors when they need you. And, as a team, Gina and I strive to do our very best.” 

The Carter’s began their co-managing adventure with Resort Lifestyle Communities three years ago. 

“When we first started, the Home Office told us we were empowered to run the business in its entirety,” remarks Gina. “We were a little skeptical and in disbelief, but they really do let you run your business. You’re not micromanaged. You make your decisions. They trust your decisions, as we follow the solid business model.” 

“The culture at RLC is absolutely incredible. They take care of their staff and residents. What they say, they do,” Gary articulates. “We get the support we need to ensure the operational guidelines move us to success.” 

“Managing a large staff does have its challenges. Open communication with our staff is the key to building trust and resolving questions. At the end of the day communication makes a strong team, and that’s what we’re all about,” Gina states. 

But believe it or not, the couple concurred that finding time for togetherness was the biggest opportunity of working together. 

“I love working with my wife. She’s my best friend. It was an easy decision to commit to,” exclaims Gary.” 

For couples considering a career working together in the senior living industry, Gary and Gina have a few words of wisdom for inquiring minds. 

“If you have a service heart and a strong desire to make a positive impact on others, this is an amazing career choice. Having the opportunity to be live-in community managers is one of the best financial decisions we’ve ever made,” says Gina. 

 “Our position presents us the ability to save for our retirement. It’s the best job we’ve ever had!” adds Gary. “Being like-minded when it comes to the end result is the key to your success.” 

When time allows, Gary and Gina enjoy camping and an occasional trip to leverage their luck in Las Vegas. Together, they have two sons and four grandchildren. They hope to renew their wedding vows at a Sandals Resort someday.

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Resort Lifestyle Communities (RLC) develops all-inclusive resort-style communities to provide a relaxing and worry-free retirement lifestyle for residents. The comfort, safety, and enjoyment of our residents are our top priorities. For this reason, every community is staffed with live-in managers, a 24/7 emergency alert system and concierge service, gourmet chefs, housekeepers, maintenance staff, a full-time lifestyle director, and more. For more information about RLC, visit

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