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#RLCMoments: Ethel, Bradford Square

  • ...On the secret to a good life...

My husband, Frank, is 101 years old. We met just over 40 years ago. Our spouses had both died of cancer. We lived in Atlanta, Georgia then. Through Frank’s boss, we were set up on a blind date. We agreed to meet for a drink at the hotel across the street from where I worked. In the lobby, we passed each other the first time because we didn’t know what the other one looked like. I drank a Shirley Temple.  

After that, Frank called me every day. Six months later, we got married. We decided life was too short to wait. We were just going to enjoy every minute of it and we certainly have.

Both of us were in sales. Frank was a senior vice president in a brokerage firm. I worked in a department store. He was a very good tennis player and not long after we married, we traveled to Naples so he could play in a tournament. On the plane to Florida, we sat next to a property manager and he told us he had one condo available. We bought it to use as a vacation home.

A few months later, it snowed for three days straight in Atlanta and I said to Frank, “What are we doing here? We own a condo in Florida!” So we quit our jobs, packed up, and moved.

We’ve lived here 39 years. Back then, Naples was a small town of 17,000 people. It didn’t even have a proper grocery store. We had to go to Fort Myers or Fort Lauderdale for groceries. Now there are almost 300,000 people here.

Bradford Square

When Bradford Square was being built, we went to every single Charter Resident meeting. They were good sales people, and you can always sell salespeople like Frank and me!

One of the best things about Bradford Square is how convenient it is here. It’s ten minutes to anything and a beautiful location. The people who work here couldn’t be better. They become a part of your life. We’re compatible. They use the word ‘team’, and that’s what it is. It’s also a very active community. Whatever activities they plan, we do. We used to dance a lot but Frank has a walker now so he dances with that instead of me. I love bingo.

Here, we don’t wait for anything. It’s like a ship. You order, and they bring it to you. At our old community, the whole day was taken up with food. We don’t have time for that.

What’s the secret to a good life? Have lots of fun! Frank’s mom was 106 year old. Mine was 103. We don’t feel old. We have fun.

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