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The Trombone Player

Love locates us in mysterious ways. There isn't a prescription for finding the “right” one. We meet at school, work, at a friend's party, on a blind date, online or in real life and often entirely by accident — literally: one man told us he met his future wife dating her sister first. 🤫

Earlier this month we shared the story of a couple who were preschool pals – literally, they're sandbox soulmates. Another woman wrote to tell us she attended a formal event with her date and met her husband the same night!  Some folks can spot each other across a crowded room and know they are simply meant to be.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, we were looking for love — stories, that is. We received several sweet tales of how some of our residents met their spouses or longtime partners. Some were flowery, others involved bubbly champagne and sparkly fireworks; while one was a touch strange, some were wild and some just simply wonderful.

Here's one of our favorites submitted by Elizabeth (Betty Jean) McAdams at Provident Crossings Retirement Resort in Round Rock, Texas:

“In the summer of 1947, at the age of 14, I travelled by train to West Virginia to see family.  During my visit, I met a young trombone player with gorgeous blue eyes and a shy smile. For two summers we exchanged correspondence by mail.  I'll never forget the day when I opened that final informing me that he had found love with a dancer in his band and they were to be married.

Fifty-two years (and some change) later while residing in Austin, Texas – I received a phone call.  On the other end of the line was a quiet inquisitive voice that asked, "Is this Betty Jean?"

I thought to myself, "No one would call this grown woman Betty Jean anymore..."  
Before I could utter any further words, the reserved voice on the other end said, “This is Max Adams. Do you remember me?" 

Of course I remembered.  How could I forget that dazzling and dapper musician from years ago?  In September of 1999, we wrote our own love song when our two hearts were reunited in marriage."

Love stories like this are settings for the silver screen.  From all of us at RLC, we wish you the most romantic days and while you're at it, spoil your loved ones.  Happy Valentine's Day.

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