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Being Mindful with Your Possessions
Being Mindful With Your Possessions
The art of mindfulness has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. Combine that with the popularity of minimalism, and it’s easy t...
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Enabling Independent Living for Seniors
Enabling Independent Living For Seniors
An independent lifestyle is important for the well-being and health of the nation’s seniors. Personal independence gives seniors a sense of d...
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How to Choose the Right Senior Living Community
How to Choose the Right Senior Living Community
As you approach retirement age, you may be considering a move to a community designed specifically for this season of life. Senior living communiti...
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Tips for Senior Citizens to Ensure Their Furry Companion’s Health
Tips for Senior Citizens to Ensure Their Furry Companion’s Health
If you’re entering your senior years, it’s time to bring a pet into your life. Pets bring joy, companionship, and numerous health benef...
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The Future of Senior Friendly Vehicles
The Future of Senior-Friendly Vehicles
In this article, we’ll take a look at what senior citizens can expect from cars now and in the future, the best options in vehicles for older...
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Mindful Aging and the Connectino Between Sleep, Exercise, and Brain Health
Mindful Aging and The Connection Between Sleep, Exercise, and Brain Health
With so much research on the prevalence of cognitive decline, memory loss, and dementia in older adults, it’s natural to worry about any of t...
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Seniors celebrating the grand opening of a community of Resort Lifestyle Communities
Resort Lifestyle Communities Unveils an Independent Living Community for Seniors in Lady Lake
11750 NE 62nd Terrace, Lady Lake, FL 32162Thursday, November 16LADY LAKE, FL – The eagerly anticipated Grand Opening of Pebble Springs Retire...
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Grandfather teaching grandson using telescope to see planets and galaxy. Child watching stars through a telescope at night with senior man. Grandpa and grandchild looking together at positive future.
Tips for Seniors Embracing The Beauty of The Universe
The golden years are a time to slow down and explore some of the things that you might not have been able to when you were younger. Of course, ther...
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