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Making the Most Out of Your Retirement on a Budget
Retirement is the perfect time to expand your horizons and explore your passions. Without the burden of work, you’re free to explore your own...
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Indoor Activities for Seniors that Make Rainy Days Less Dreary
When April showers are in full effect, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed indoors. Here are ten ideas to consider that will help yo...
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Writing as a Hobby: Creative Writing for Seniors
In the United States, creative writers have an average age of 40 years and up. This age bracket represents 52% of the creative writing population.I...
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12 Wonderful Things People Can Do for The Elderly: Random Acts of Kindness
Life can be tough on the elderly. With the pains and ailments that come with aging, completing basic tasks can be challenging for some. Some have d...
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Vista Park Retirement Community to Host Grand Opening
4190 Farm Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89084, Thursday, April 13North Las Vegas, NV – Today, Mary and Doug Wells, live-in managers of the new...
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Embracing Technology in Your Golden Years Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Travel Experience
Are you an independently living older adult who wants to go on trips? If so, you might wonder how technology can help you have a fun and safe trave...
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The Best Side Hustles for Seniors
You may be retired or nearing the season of retirement and still feel vibrant. You have energy, ideas, and a desire to continue making a meaningful...
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7 Ways Women Over 50 Can Boost Their Self-Esteem
It’s not uncommon for women to lose confidence and struggle with self-esteem issues as they get older. Your body changes, you might deal with...
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