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Mature granddaughter taking her grandmother shopping at the shopping center. Senior woman needs help with grocery shopping.
A Guide for Seniors on Maximizing Savings and Minimizing Waste
Everyone is looking for ways to lower their consumables budget. For those on a fixed or limited income, the need to keep costs low is even greater....
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Mature woman drinking coffee and peeling mandarins while sitting on sofa
Boosting Immunity in Older Adults
Your immune system protects you from harmful invaders that can make you sick. Infections are dangerous, especially when you are already at risk. Ma...
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Kindness matters, be kind always. Pink pegboard on while tiles
Acts of Kindness Across RLC
February is all about love and kindness, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the official celebration of Random Acts of Kindness ...
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Integrating Aromatherapy Into Senior Living
Aromatherapy is exactly what the name implies: “Aroma used as a therapy.” It can relieve stress, aid in digestion, and even help memory...
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Asphalt concrete road across tropical forest along up to hill with traffic sign and sunlight shining, Concept of journey
Adapting To Life Changes Through Cross Country Moves
Moving cross country has unique challenges that short distance movers don’t have to face. You’ll have to make adjustments to become a p...
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 a group of people standing around a stove preparing food
Habits to Dodge for Optimal Wellness
Retirement is the perfect time to boost your health and prioritize your wellness. You have extra time to hit the gym and can spend your newfound fr...
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Woman checking air quality in her home using using a smartphone
A Guide To Creating a Healthy Home Environment
Modern innovations like grocery delivery and streaming services have made it easier to spend time at home. In addition, work-from-home jobs have be...
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Portrait of his he nice attractive cheerful cheery glad funny bearded grey-haired man sitting in bag chair having fun holding in hands steering wheel isolated over blue pastel color background
Staying Mobile After Retirement: Tips for Overcoming Driving Challenges
Not everyone has the same experience after retirement. Some continue to live their lives as if nothing much has changed, some might move in with fa...
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