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Senior Woman With Green Plants and Flowers at home. Woman Caring for House Plant. Woman Taking Care of Plants at Her Home Portrait of Elderly Woman Gardening at Home. Retired Female Care for Her Plant
Planting Happiness: A Senior's Guide to National Plant Week
As September gently unfurls the cozy feeling of fall, there's a special event that encourages us to step inside and embrace the beauty and joy that...
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Clown Painting Girls Hand
Crafting Cherished Memories: Planning Unforgettable Birthday Parties for Grandkids
As grandparents, you are understandably excited to watch your little ones grow. Birthday parties for grandkids are great ways to create lasting mem...
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 woman holding film camera
Nurturing Mental Wellness Through Purposeful Activities While Aging
If you’re like most people, then you’re probably not thrilled about the idea of aging. But it’s important to remember that you ca...
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Cheeful senior woman brushing her hair
Addressing Common Hair Concerns in Senior Men & Women
As individuals age, a natural transformation occurs in their hair, leading to common concerns that affect both senior men and women. These concerns...
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Woman takes photo with camera while husband smiles looking at a map
Senior-Friendly Tips for a Fulfilling Journey Across the U.S.
Traveling is a rewarding experience that knows no age limits. With their wealth of knowledge and life experiences, senior citizens are increasingly...
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Entry sign at Savannah Pine Retirement Community in Lincoln, Nebraska
Savannah Pines Retirement Community to Unveil New Renovation
A Must-Attend Ribbon Cutting & Remodel Open House EventThursday, September 7 Ribbon Cutting: 1:30 PM // Open House: 2:00 – 5:00 PM3900 Pi...
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Happy group of seniors on the move in summer in nature
Exploring the Remarkable Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Seniors
At Resort Lifestyle Communities, we believe in enhancing the quality of life for seniors through enriching experiences and activities. In this comp...
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Elderly hands holding cane
Understanding Dermatitis and Skin Care for Aging Adults
It’s relatively understood that as you age, your body starts to wear down, which can lead to increased health issues. Unfortunately, chronic ...
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