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4 Holistic Approaches to Senior Living
Your lifestyle includes the way you spend your days and even the kind of food you consume. From the way you spend your mornings to the degree of mi...
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Mind, Body & Spirit: All About the Spirit
Over the last few months, we've shared some of the exciting ways we've celebrated the beauty of our minds and bodies in our posts All About the Min...
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Six Words to Remember to Help Boost Your Spirits
To experience a more fulfilled life, every facet of our mind, body, and soul needs care. As we work to become better versions of ourselves, we tend...
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Mind, Body & Spirit: All About the Body
During the month of May, we continued highlighting our "Mind, Body & Spirit" theme and focused many of our activities on learnin...
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5 Senior-Friendly Exercises To Add To Your Daily Routine
Fitness is quite crucial to keeping your vital functions intact and to promote a healthy immune response. For all the senior citizens out there, a ...
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Self-Care for Seniors: Eat, Sleep, and Play!
Establishing a self-care routine has countless benefits. When you eat nutritious foods, exercise your body, and get plenty of rest, it can positive...
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Mind, Body & Spirit: All About the Mind
We know a thing or two about having fun! With the help of our lifestyle directors and our residents, we get creative with our social calendar and p...
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6 Super Foods to Help Alleviate Stress
Nutrition is one of the most important aspects that govern the vital functions of your body. If your goal is to maintain holistic health, then reco...
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