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Start Celebrating Life Now
Whether you've been making plans to downsize and relocate to an independent senior living community for a long time, or you're just beginning to ex...
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Older Americans Month 2020: Make Your Mark
Around the nation, our elders make their mark every day as volunteers, employees, parents, grandparents, mentors, advocates, and more. They generou...
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RLC Family Strong
Our hearts are full of gratitude for our RLC family—community managers and teammates, pre-open sales, and field support who are working tirel...
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Creative Ways for Seniors to Stay Connected During Social Distancing
There's no doubt, humans were designed for connection and communication. We were meant to be together, to support one another, and to share our lif...
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Eight Things Seniors Can Do to Boost Their Immune System
Typically, spring offers us a sense of renewal as we begin to feel the warm sunshine and see trees and flowers blooming around us. Add to that, mor...
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How Creativity Impacts Seniors and Why It’s So Important
Thanks to modern medicine, advanced research, and healthy lifestyle trends (fruit smoothie, anyone?), we're able to live much longer as a society. ...
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Balance class helps Ashwood Square residents prevent falls
Ashwood Square is helping residents improve their balance and confidence with an exercise class.
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The Important Connection Between Seniors and Gratitude: Plus, a Free Printable
Did you know the practice of gratitude can help you feel better? It's science. Studies over and over confirm grateful people have increased well-be...
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